Die-Cutting Custom Parts at Thomco



With over three decades of experience and four production processes, Thomco is an excellent partner to consider for die-cut converting applications. Curious to know more about how we can help? You’ve come to the right place!

Thomco’s multi-shift manufacturing facility has engineers on staff to assist you with finding the right solution to all your die-cut needs. Need to start from the beginning with prototypes and materials recommendations? We can do that. Need specialized 3M expertise and options? As a 3M Preferred Converter, we can provide access to 3M solutions and materials experts in over twenty different product categories.

Die-cutting isn’t a one-option-fits-all process by any means! At our high-capacity facility, we offer four unique options. Consider for your next project:

  • Rotary die-cutting is fast and efficient, economically producing precision parts for larger runs on a range of materials with tight tolerances. Thomco can perform through-cuts or kiss-cuts, as well as multi-gauge constructions and thin-gauge flexible materials.
  • Flatbed die-cutting provides versatility on smaller production runs. It’s also the perfect solution for thicker materials. Tooling costs are lower than rotary dies, and Thomco handles materials up to 1” thick.
  • Plotter die-cutting involves parts being cut directly from engineering drawings or art files. Since no mechanical tooling is required, plotter cutting is perfect for prototypes and short production runs. Thomco handles a wide range of materials, up to 2” thick, with optical registration for die-cutting accuracy.
  • Laser die-cutting is ideal for intricate parts. Like plotter die-cutting, it’s produced directly from files, uses optical registration for pre-printed parts, and requires little set-up. Thomco handles materials up to 1” thick.


We can also print die-cut parts! Short run or variable data parts are made on our 4-color process Konica Bizhub digital press, while longer runs are best on flexographic presses.

Prototypes are an important part of the die-cutting process, and Thomco’s engineering team has extensive expertise in machine capabilities, manufacturing processes, and materials. The process starts with our in-house design team working with the engineering team to produce prototypes from drawings or computer files. Using in-house materials, prototypes can be produced in 48 hours.

Thomco is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions for your proprietary parts, all while keeping environmental concerns in mind. We are certified by multiple organizations in recognition of our quality and responsible work. Want to know more? Talk to a Thomco representative today!

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