Enhancing Product Durability with Custom Cut Foam Tapes

Enhancing Product Durability with Custom Cut Foam Tapes

When it comes to product design and manufacturing, few qualities are as important as durability. These pieces will be exposed to significant wear and tear, both from use and from their environments, over their lifetimes. Reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements not only helps to increase productivity by reducing downtime, but it also helps keep efficiency higher and costs lower.

At Thomco, we specialize in helping you find the perfect solution for your application’s unique needs. In many cases, high-performance die-cut foam tapes are the ideal solution to enhance durability and reduce the effects of wear.

Properties of High-Performance Foam Tapes for Durability

When choosing a custom cut foam tape for industrial applications, it’s important to select a product with the required properties for long-term durability. For instance, the 3M™ VHB™ family of tapes, distributed and converted by Thomco, prioritize viscoelasticity to help absorb high amounts of stress and energy, and have closed-cell chemistry to withstand harsh environmental factors.  

Different tapes have different technical properties, and Thomco can help you look at samples and narrow down the selection to tapes that are particularly good for your unique project. A few key factors to keep in mind for any tape include:

  • Adhesion Strength: High-performance, custom cut foam tape should feature high adhesion strength. Their ability to create strong bonds between substrates can enhance the overall durability of the final product, as those surfaces can withstand more stress and energy acting upon them without sustaining significant damage. Quality adhesion strength from your chosen foam tapes is a critical component to forming the long-lasting bonds you need for durability. 
  • Resistance to Environmental Factors: Custom cut foam tape, like the 3M™ VHB™ tapes featured at Thomco, are designed to increase durability through resistance to environmental factors. In other words, the bonds these tapes form are engineered to withstand moisture, UV light, temperature fluctuations, and chemicals. Wherever your product or part will be, it will almost certainly encounter stressful conditions, and having the right adhesive in place can significantly improve durability and lifespan (thus reducing costs for downtime, maintenance, and replacement). 
  • Shock Absorption and Cushioning: Foam tapes provide excellent shock absorption and cushioning properties, which are especially important in industrial and manufacturing applications. The cushioning effect of foam, especially in contrast with other fasteners like mechanical or liquid adhesives, can make a big difference in protecting sensitive components from impact and vibrations, extending their lifespan and ensuring continued precision.

Benefits of Custom Cut Foam Tape for Enhancing Durability

For many applications, durability isn’t just a side benefit – it’s an absolute must-have. Thomco’s team is experienced with selecting and converting tapes for a variety of applications, including critical parts in the automotive industry, construction and building electronics, appliances, medical parts and devices, industrial manufacturing, and many more. 

Die cutting can also help to ensure precise shapes and sizes for foam tape applications. In turn, that precision and consistency can ensure optimal performance and enhance product durability. When you choose custom cut foam tapes with Thomco, you’ll also have the ability to customize foam tapes to meet specific durability requirements and better meet the needs of each individual application.

Thomco is a 3M™ Preferred Converter and a distributor of a wide range of foam tapes, including popular and versatile lines like the 3M™ VHB™ family of tapes. Talk to us today to learn more about our custom converting capabilities.

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