Henkel’s New Remote Camera Sharing Solution – Helping You Fix Equipment Issues in Real Time

Henkel’s latest support service helps you diagnose and fix Henkel equipment in real-time. Using Henkel’s Rescue Live Lens, this solution is simple, flexible and secure. No special equipment is required. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, and you can access an expert at Henkel using browser-based interactive video.
There are three benefits for Henkel equipment users:
  1. You get support immediately – no scheduling appointments or waiting around for a technician to show up!
  2. Instant live view camera streaming allows an expert to guide a fix for many equipment issues.
  3. No more guessing – you know what you need and usually can get back up and running quickly.
Thomco is an authorized Henkel equipment provider. For more information on Henkel’s Remote Camera Sharing Solution or other Henkel-Loctite produces, please contact us.
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