Industries Served


Thomco’s adhesive and tape experts help you find the right solution for your appliance design and application to support:

  • Adhesive requirements
  • Noise reduction
  • Thermal insulation
  • Protection from moisture or transportation challenges
  • Label requirements

Thomco can slit, tab and die-cut tape to fit your requirements. We are a UL Certified label producer, and we die-cut foam, surface protection, and masking materials.


Automotive Solutions

Thomco manufactures components for a wide range of automotive and transportation for tier and OEM suppliers. We can help with solutions including:

  • Bonding and joining
  • Gaskets
  • Seals
  • Thermal management
  • Paint masks
  • Vibration damping


Thomco is a 3M Preferred Converter, with access to 3M expertise and electronics films and tapes, including:

  • Antistatic tapes
  • Component carrier tapes
  • Conductive adhesive transfer tapes
  • Delaminating tapes
  • EMI shielding gasket tapes
  • PCB tapes
  • Process protection tapes
  • Thermally conductive tapes
  • Water contact indicator tapes

With extensive manufacturing capabilities, we provide precision-engineered solutions for converted parts and labels for the electronics industry.

Medical Devices

Thomco is a 3M Medical Materials and Technologies Select Converter. We can provide skin-friendly, medical materials, and medical-grade tapes, adhesives, and closures for the manufacturing of medical devices covering the comprehensive line of 3M products for the medical industry, including:

  • Foam pads and tapes
  • Medical adhesive transfer tapes
  • Medical paper tapes
  • Medical silicone tapes

Need Assistance?

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