3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tapes

Adhesive Transfer Tapes are engineered to make your product designs more streamlined and easier to manufacture. They’re the original thin bonding adhesive solutions and ideal for bonding and mounting applications where a strong, reliable bond is needed between two, often dissimilar, surfaces.

Versatile and flexible, adhesive transfer tapes can be used for a wide range of applications, including bonding, mounting, splicing, and laminating. Because they don’t leave behind visible lines or excess adhesives, they’re ideal for applications where appearances are important.

Many transfer tapes have excellent conformability, bonding well to irregular or curved surfaces. They also are pressure-sensitive, providing a strong and immediate bond upon application, and are easy to handle and apply.

The choice of adhesive can provide temperature resistance properties, allowing transfer tapes to perform in high and low temperature environments. Depending on the specific adhesive used, transfer tapes can be designed for permanent bonding or for applications requiring removal without residue.

When you work with a custom converter like Thomco, your chosen transfer tapes can be customized for your manufacturing or assembly process. Versatile, easy to use, and reliable in bonding, adhesive transfer tapes remain a highly popular choice for many applications. Talk to your Thomco team to determine which product fits your next project and how we can convert it to meet your specifications.