3M™ Double Coated Tapes

Double-coated tapes are adhesive tapes that have adhesive applied to both sides of a carrier material. These tapes are designed to bond two surfaces – whether similar or dissimilar materials – together, allowing for a wide range of applications where a strong, reliable, and often invisible bond is needed.

Depending on the adhesive used, double-coated tapes can be designed for permanent bonding or for applications requiring removal without residue. Similarly, they can provide a clean and aesthetically pleasing bonding solution hidden between the two surfaces without visible lines. In many cases, double-coated tapes can replace traditional mechanical fasteners, simplifying assembly processes and reducing the need for drilling or welding.

Some double-coated tapes have viscoelastic properties, making them capable of absorbing stress and providing some cushioning or flexibility. Different tapes offer different levels of bond strength, temperature ranges, and resistance to environmental conditions. They are easy to handle and apply, making them suitable for both manual and automated assembly processes. The carrier material facilitates easy positioning and application.

Thomco offers precision converting on double-coated tapes to ensure precise and efficient bonding on any application. Talk to your Thomco team to learn more about our solutions and ensure your next project's success.