3M™ Citrus Based Adhesive Remover, 24 fl oz Can

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Excellent for removing adhesives including label & sticker residue.

3M™ Adhesive Remover Citrus Base is excellent for removing adhesives including label / sticker residue and sticky tape residue. This product can be sprayed on with no need for parts to soak and it wipes away with just a shop towel, leaving no filmy residue.

It is based on citrus oil rather than chlorinated or petroleum-based solvents and can be used to help clean a wide variety of substrates.

This item cannot be sold to customers within the Southern California South Coast Air Quality Management District.  For industrial/occupational use only.



Spray Pattern Mist
Color Pale Yellow
Net Weight 18.5 oz.
Dry Time N/A
Flammable Yes
 Flash Point -50.0°F
Coverage 78 ft²
VOC 100%
Base Citrus terpene
Quantity per case 12
Shelf Life 24 Months (unopened)

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