3M™ High Performance Industrial Plastic Adhesive 4693, Quart

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 Bonds to a variety of substrates, including most plastics, for a strong, enduring bond.

3M™ High Performance Industrial Plastic Adhesive 4693 dries quickly with an open bond time of approximately 20 minutes. Its assembled bonds are proven to be strong while resisting weathering as well as damage from water and the sun. Additionally, it bonds well to plastics, providing long-term adhesion as well as good resistance to cleaning products. Quickly meet the requirements of your bonding application with this fast drying adhesive that forms a durable bond at room temperature and will not yellow when exposed to UV or sunlight.



Consistency Liquid
Color Amber
Net Weight 1 Quart
Flammable Yes
Viscosity 175 to 275 cP ³
 Flash Point -17 °C (1 °F) ²
Coverage 308 ft²/gal ¹
VOC <=597 g/l
Base Synthetic Elastomer
Quantity per case 12
Shelf Life 30 Months (unopened)
Solids by Content 24 to 28 %

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