Saying Thank You to Our Essential Workers


We all know a healthcare worker, a teacher, or someone who serves as an essential worker. In 2020, the people in these professions have worked tirelessly –often in less than ideal conditions – to serve the greater community. Thomco appreciates the efforts of these dedicated professionals and wanted to help them as they have helped others.

Like many companies in 2020, we had to pivot. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) was a logical fit for our manufacturing and distribution expertise. We began to manufacture face shields and stocked up on sanitizers and face masks.

Learning to manufacture face shields challenged us in the beginning. We had to figure out what to make and the best way to efficiently manufacture a new product. Fortunately, Thomco has never shied away from challenges, and we soon perfected the process.

Thomco has always believed in giving back to others in our community. Every year at the holiday party, we announce company contributions. This year, we decided to allow the Thomco team members to reach out to schools, emergency responders, and hospitals where they had a connection and offer to provide face shields free-of-charge.

To date, fifteen organizations have taken us up on the offer, including Long Island Jewish Medical Center, where the first person in the state of New York received the COVID vaccine!

It was great to give something back to people who worked tirelessly to benefit all of us. To all our essential workers, we want you to know we appreciate what you do. And thanks from all of us at Thomco.

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