Thomco: The Custom Film Converter for All Your Needs

The Custom Film Converter for All Your Needs

At Thomco, we pride ourselves on our wide range of services and products, as well as our ability to provide custom converting to ensure that every client’s precise needs are met. With our custom film converter services, we can take high-quality, specialized films and cut, slit, die cut, print, and otherwise transform them to meet each application’s particular requirements.

What Does a Custom Film Converter Do?

As a custom film converter, we provide specialized services to transform large rolls of films, primarily with adhesives, into customized, finished products tailored to meet specific requirements of various industries. 

These products can include adhesive tapes, protective films, labels, and other film-based components. The process involves cutting, shaping, laminating, and sometimes printing on the film to create the desired product. 

Thomco has expertise in all the core tasks that may be required when converting film materials for individual projects. These include:

  • Slitting:   Cutting large rolls of film into narrower rolls to specified widths, while ensuring precise and clean edges for optimal product performance.
  • Die cutting: Using die cut processes to cut film into specific shapes and sizes, or creating custom parts such as gaskets, seals, and labels.
  • Laminating: Combining multiple layers of film or other materials to create a multi-layer product that enhances properties such as strength, barrier protection, and adhesion.
  • Printing: Adding graphics, text, or patterns to film to customize it for labeling or other purposes.
  • Rewinding: Using specialized equipment to wind finished film products into rolls after processing, ensuring proper tension and alignment for quality rolls.

Applications of Custom Film Conversion

Thomco’s extensive custom film converter capabilities mean that we have the equipment and expertise to handle projects for a wide range of industries. Just a handful of the applications and industries we can convert for include:

  • Automotive: Protective films, adhesive tapes, and insulating materials.
  • Medical: Custom adhesive bandages, protective covers, and diagnostic strips.
  • Electronics: Screen protectors, insulation films, and EMI shielding.
  • Packaging: Custom labels, protective wraps, and tamper-evident seals.
  • Construction: Barrier films, window films, and adhesive tapes.

Thomco’s custom film converting capabilities enable us to produce highly specialized and precise film products. We’re here to help meet the unique needs of various industries, ensuring high performance and reliability in applications. Talk to us today to learn more.

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