Water Jet Cutting is Up and Running at Thomco!

Water Jet Cutter 2

Thomco is pleased to announce that we now offer water jet cutting as a new option for cutting materials! Based on the same principles as erosion, water jet cutting is a technique that harnesses the power of high-pressure water jets to precisely and efficiently cut many materials. High-pressure, high-velocity water is pumped through a nozzle, where the narrow stream is carefully directed to cut through materials.


Water jet cutting can take different forms, depending on the material being cut. For softer materials, such as foams and rubbers, a jet of plain water is typically used. As an alternative, usually for harder materials like stone, metal, or glass, abrasives are added into the water stream for the jet to separate a material.


There are numerous benefits to water jet cutting that make it an excellent option for working with a wide range of products.

  • It doesn’t produce toxic or chemical waste.
  • Several types of materials can be cut with water alone, reducing the costs for abrasives.
  • The water jets provide powerful and precise cuts every time.
  • Because the cold-water jets don’t use heat, there is no heat stress, distortion, or damage to the materials being cut.
  • It’s versatile enough to be used on a wide range of materials and can cut them all efficiently, saving time and money.


Talk to your Thomco representative today to see if water jet cutting is right for your next project!

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