What Can You Do With 3M™ VHB™ Tape LSE Series?



Imagine the possibilities of design, set free thanks to new technology that makes choosing and assembling materials easier than ever. It’s not the future – it’s the present when the 3M VHB LSE Tape Series is part of the process.
The 3M VHB Tape LSE Series consists of three different versions of the same basic tape, with options in three different thicknesses: 0.60 mm, 1.1mm, and 1.6 mm. Made from acrylic foam, the tape can resist hot, cold, and cycling temperatures, as well as other environmental factors like UV light, moisture, solvents, and more.
As the name suggests, they’re designed specifically for use on plastics, composites, and other low surface energy materials (in contrast with the regular VHB Tape, which is designed for adhesion on medium surface energy plastics and powder-coated paints, glass, and metal). LSE substrates such as polypropylene, thermoplastic olefins, and thermoplastic elastomers are ideal materials for this adhesive solution.
The possibilities are endless when it comes to applications of the 3M VHB Tape LSE Series, with options for both indoor and outdoor applications. Just a few of the industries that can find a use for this product include:
  • Appliances
  • Building components
  • Medical Devices
  • Consumer goods
  • Consumer household products
  • Transportation
  • Signs and displays
  • Outdoor power equipment
  • And more!
Because of its specific, flexible type of bond, 3M VHB Tape allows for thermal expansion, making it an ideal solution for joining dissimilar materials. It can even adhere to difficult-to-bond substrates, allowing for more design flexibility and innovation than you might otherwise get from traditional liquid adhesives, mechanical fasteners, or ultrasonic welding solutions. Problems getting bonding right with tricky shapes? Gone! Wasted time in between application and readiness? Gone! It’s all about making the process more efficient and more effective, no matter what materials or shapes are involved.
We’re not just focusing on low surface energy materials, either! Although the 3M VHB Tape LSE Series is, of course, designed specifically to meet the unique needs of LSE materials, it’s also a fantastic solution for high and medium surface energy materials. Consider it as a resilient bonding solution for medium surface energy materials such as polycarbonate, high impact polystyrenes, acrylic, nylons, or ABS. It also works on composites like glass-reinforced plastics, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. Even materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and glass can be bonded using these tapes, as well as painted surfaces.
With the advanced bonding technology in the 3M VHB Tape LSE Series, it’s easier than ever to push the limits of design. Its broad capabilities and varied applications help to open the door to more and more innovation, from aesthetics and form to support, durability, weight reduction, and overall functionality. These LSE materials are a crucial part of the future of manufacturing, and a reliable bonding and assembly solution is key to incorporating them into your designs with total confidence.
If you can dream up a design, chances are the 3M VHB Tape LSE Series can help to make it a reality! Talk to the team at Thomco today to find out more about the options available for meeting your project’s unique needs.
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